Young Innovators Programme, Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC) – YIP, Kerala

Greetings from Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council!
The 3rd speaker for the 2nd season of Kerala Innovation Talks with the tagline “Empowerment through Innovation" is Mr A R Satyanarayanan. We humbly request the honor of your presence and kindly make it convenient to attend the same.  The flyer of the programme is attached herewith. The link and details are given below.

Speaker: Mr A R Satyanarayanan

Title: “Zero to Scaleup, Our Start Up Journey"

Time: 18th Nov , 2021 04:00 PM India
Meeting ID: 864 9782 1655
Passcode: 260960


This track would deal with inter-disciplinary issues or problems which require a multi-faceted approach to finding solutions. This track would also include socially relevant issues which may require intervention in the form of a social enterprise.

This track is designed with a rigor suited for solving less “wicked”, focused problems and issues, which may not require much interdisciplinary interaction. Students from Schools and Colleges would be encouraged to apply their acquired skills

Build a strong pool of mentors to identify, assess and track innovations as well as provide young innovators the necessary academic, domain specific

The YIP 2021 Challenge will be open to all students, from every institution, across Kerala. Applicants can apply to be part of the YIP 2021 Challenge

In pursuit of creating an Innovation Ecosystem in the state, K-DISC will notify and invite institutions from all over the state, across categories and streams, to register

In the envisioned design of the YIP program, facilitators are expected to be agents for continuity of the YIP program within their institutions.

K-DISC has designed the YIP 2021 Challenge to be open, any student of any registered, recognized educational Institution in Kerala can apply/register

Mentorship is a key process in the YIP ecosystem, YIP candidates receive much of their support and guidance from mentors.To grow the Mentor network, YIP 2021 will allow institutions to nominate

Registrations will be invited from institutions via a digital platform which will have the provision for handling the following